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Archives for September 2013

AMA’s 3 Questions: Millennials managing Baby Boomers

From the American Management Association comes the one of three in a video series entitled, “3 Questions.” This video is entitled, “Haydn Shaw on Millennials Managing Baby Boomers”:

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Getting along with multigenerational coworkers


Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote over at the Huffington Post:

So you work in a cube next to someone of a different generation and they do something that makes no sense to you. Maybe they…

  • Wear ear buds all day and can’t hear anything anyone says so they don’t know what’s going on.
  • Talk over their cube all the time so you have to wear ear buds to concentrate.
  • Don’t make eye contact because they are looking at their phone while talking to you.
  • Don’t know how to use the collaboration software and try to send everything by email.
  • Come in ten minutes late carrying a Starbucks.

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How to give Millennials the feedback they want


Many thanks to Mark Sanborn for posting a guest blog I wrote. Here’s an excerpt:

“Is feedback really as important to Millennials as we’ve heard?” The accounting senior manager asked me in a workshop I was giving on best work practices for each generation.

Yes, I told them. Millennials’ expectations are different from the older generations’. Millennials grew up with highly involved parents coaching them, instant access online to grades, and thousands of texts with their friends. Mentoring programs are one of the top two soft benefits Millennials look for at an organization. Less than one in ten Millennials think weekly communication is enough. In fact, 35 percent want it multiple times a day, while 25 percent think once a day is fine….
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