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FAQ #4: Do your generalizations apply to ALL Millennials?


Today I’d like to address the final question I’m most frequently asked about the generations….

Do the generalizations in Sticking Points describe all Millennials or just the ones who are middle-class with professional jobs?

There are actually four different subgroups of Millennials worldwide, and even in the U.S. there are differences due to our increasing ethnic diversity. So while there are commonalities, cultural distinctives add nuances to generational generalizations, and unfortunately, in my book I was not able to cover them all.

Primarily, I focus on the workplace, and the research I utilize has come from the study of both white- and blue-collar workers and occasionally even the unemployed. Because of this focus on the workplace, my book, Sticking Points, leaves out those of each generation who live in poverty (but other resources on this segment’s important story can be found through a quick internet search).

No one book can tell the whole story for a generation of over 80 million. But this is also a reminder that we must lead rather than manage people.

We’ve all got stories that we want to tell, and we’ll never stick together unless we listen.

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