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Company History

Haydn has been an employee of FranklinCovey since 1992 where he speaks, trains, and consults on generations, leadership, management, trust, and productivity.

In 2008, FranklinCovey licensed Haydn’s research on generations and asked him to write their generational workshops. In addition, they allowed him to begin a separate company through which he speaks on generations and change management and offers his 6 Change Reactions workshops. This unusual relationship with a full-time employee is a classic example of how FranklinCovey lives what they teach about win-win relationships. (Learn more about this arrangement)


September 2013 Haydn and FranklinCovey release updated Leading Across Generations and Working Across Generations workshops.
August 1, 2013 Sticking Points: How to Get Four Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart book releases.
June 2012 Haydn releases Working Through the 6 Change Reactions.
October 2011 Haydn releases Leading Through the 6 Change Reactions workshop.
July 2010 Haydn and FranklinCovey release Working Across Generations.
March 2010 Haydn signs a deal with Tyndale House Publishers to write two books on generations: one about generational sticking points at work and the other about the spiritual life of the generations (to be released in August 2015).
July 2008 Haydn and FranklinCovey release Leading Across Generations workshop.
May 2008 Haydn founds Emergent Generation Consulting while continuing to work full-time with FranklinCovey (with their blessing).
January 1992 Haydn begins working with Stephen Covey at Covey Leadership Center (now FranklinCovey)
June 1990 Haydn begins working with Human Resource Management Systems a boutique consulting firm.

Haydn’s business relationship with FranklinCovey is very straightforward regarding generational content:

When does Haydn work through FranklinCovey or directly with clients with generational content?

  • Haydn teaches Leading Across Generations and Working Across Generations workshops through FranklinCovey .
  • If a client has already purchased generational content from FranklinCovey, has previously worked with Haydn through FranklinCovey, or heard of Haydn because of FranklinCovey, his generational keynote or consulting will go through them.
  • If a client has not already purchased generational content from Franklin Covey, has not worked with Haydn FranklinCovey, or has not heard of Haydn because of FranklinCovey, he will work directly with clients until he reaches the limits set in his license agreement. At that point, Haydn will do his generational keynotes or consulting through FranklinCovey.