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Why Millennials’ parents will stay involved – and why that’s good


Here’s an excerpt from my latest column in the Huffington Post:

In the workshops I teach on generational differences, nothing stirs up more disdain than helicopter parents. We have all seen those parents who constantly hover over their child and then jump to rescue them when a soccer coach doesn’t play them enough or a teacher gives their report a “C” grade. We can tell which science fair projects the parents did for their kids. And don’t get me started on how difficult it is to explain to your Cub Scout why they have to build their Pine Wood Derby car even if they lose against laser cut, professionally-painted versions done by a dad.

Helicopter parents don’t stop when their Millennial child gets a job…. I’m not a fan of helicopter parents, but… the new normal that I tell my clients they need to get used to [is] the involved or “engaged” parent….

There’s a big difference between helicopter parents or what my clients sometimes call “overly involved” parents, and the typical involved parents….

[T]o the generations who couldn’t ask their parents for guidance, Millennials seem coddled by today’s parents who talk to them about everything. But most are not coddled, they are coached. Coached by Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who have the relevant experience to help them avoid unnecessary mistakes or hassles. We can deal with generational differences more effectively if we understand that Millennials are the product of the most educated parents in history….

Read my entire column here.

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