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Surprising facts about the 12 generational sticking points


People often ask me for a list of the most common generational sticking points. So today, I’m going one better. Here are the 12 most common by the numbers, along with some surprising and critical facts, courtesy of my book, Sticking Points:

  1. Communication

    McCann Worldgroup discovered that half of Millennials would give up their sense of smell to keep their computers or mobile phones.

    50% of Boomers have slept with their cell phones.

  2. Decision Making

    76% of Millennials believe “my boss could learn a lot from me.”

  3. Dress Code

    Only half of all Millennials think a casual dress code is even moderately important.

    The higher the education level, the less important dress code is to the employee.

  4. Feedback

    Mentoring programs are one of the top two soft benefits Millennials seek.

    All generations rate their bosses lowest in feedback.

  5. Fun at Work

    90% of Millennials say being able to have fun at work is a significant factor in selecting an or staying with an employer.

    Only 39% of Boomers said they need “me time” at work.

  6. Knowledge Transfer

    87% of Boomer business owners have no exit strategy.

    A quarter of companies haven’t even started planning a knowledge transfer strategy.

    69% will invite older workers to stay part time or return as consultants.

  7. Loyalty

    16% of Boomers plan to switch employers.

    Base pay is the most important factor for all generations in selecting and staying with an employer.

  8. Meetings

    49% of employees think meetings are a waste of time.

    Only 18% of Traditionalists think the “authoritarian” management style is effective, less than any other generation. They prefer collaboration.

  9. Policies

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any interesting statistics about policies. But keep reading.

  10. Respect

    Top two characteristics all generations prefer in a manager: approachable and respectful.

    Millennials believe their generation is the least competent at work.

  11. Training

    74% of Millennials want more skills.

    56% of older workers want more skills.

    Workers over 55 receive a third of the training younger workers get.

  12. Work Ethic

    74% believe Traditionalists have the best work ethic.

    3 out of 4 Gen Xers consider themselves ambitious.

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