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Making or breaking markets: Hail the power of Millennial tribes!


The Millennials are the most tribal generation – and that characteristic is already making significant impact on our workplaces, homes, and markets. How and why are Millennials more tribal? How is this changing our world?

The tribe of Barney

Children’s programming began to reflect the generational shift. Sesame Street taught individuals they were unique; Barney, the purple dinosaur, emphasized getting along with the group and paying attention to other people’s feelings. Every episode had a group hug… and Millennials are huggers. They give full frontal hugs to their friends, while their parents are sent to sensitivity training which discourages anything but handshakes and fist bumps at work.

Unlike the Boomers who grew up in a competitive environment where collaboration was called “cheating,” Millennials did homework in groups. Two out of three Millennials usually socialize in larger groups rather than with one or two friends, and loyalty to friends is one of their highest values.

The Millennials went to preschool in teams, and elementary schools de-emphasized Boomer-era class presidents and hall monitors, instead engaging whole classes in decision-making and problem-solving. By fourth grade, Millennials were doing peer conflict resolution coaching.

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Surprising facts about the 12 generational sticking points


People often ask me for a list of the most common generational sticking points. So today, I’m going one better. Here are the 12 most common by the numbers, along with some surprising and critical facts, courtesy of my book, Sticking Points:

  1. Communication

    McCann Worldgroup discovered that half of Millennials would give up their sense of smell to keep their computers or mobile phones.

    50% of Boomers have slept with their cell phones.

  2. Decision Making

    76% of Millennials believe “my boss could learn a lot from me.”

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