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Video: What’s the difference between Millennials and Generation Y?

I get this question often. Sometimes it can get confusing…

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When should I fire a Millennial who’s not working out?


I get asked regularly, “When should I fire a Millennial?” and “When are the performance issues really MY fault?” My book, Sticking Points, provides over 100 ideas for making your workplace more attractive to Millennials. I usually caution managers to give employees the benefit of the doubt and to try some of the 100 ideas before they start canning people. But you know as well as I do – you can only do so much with some people.

It’s simple: if an employee’s underperformance is bothering you, it’s bothering other Millennials on the team. Just like the employees of any generation, Millennials are looking to you to provide leadership and to hold people to consistent and fair standards. I saw an example of this in my own home last summer.

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