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Getting along with multigenerational coworkers


Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote over at the Huffington Post:

So you work in a cube next to someone of a different generation and they do something that makes no sense to you. Maybe they…

  • Wear ear buds all day and can’t hear anything anyone says so they don’t know what’s going on.
  • Talk over their cube all the time so you have to wear ear buds to concentrate.
  • Don’t make eye contact because they are looking at their phone while talking to you.
  • Don’t know how to use the collaboration software and try to send everything by email.
  • Come in ten minutes late carrying a Starbucks.

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TIME Magazine: Flip-flops at work (featuring “Sticking Points”)


I’d like to direct your attention to an article featured in TIME Business by writer and interviewer, Dan Kadlec. In it, he interviews me and mentions my book, Sticking Points. Here is an excerpt… [Read more…]

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4 steps to a policy all four generations will accept


I am often asked by managers, “What would it look like, step-by-step, to hand over sticking point policy development to our people?”

Here’s the process I recommend:

  1. Find representatives who are respected by colleagues of their generation.
  2. Tell them you’re not promising to agree with every detail of their recommendations, but that you do have complete confidence that by leveraging their generational differences, they can come up with something better than you could.
  3. Lay out the business challenges. Tell them if there’s something regulations prohibit, what customers have complained about, or that the budget is limited. If you let them wrestle with the business challenges that you and the other executives would have wrestled with, they won’t come back with impractical recommendations.
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